Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dr Rey Shapewear and Ardyss Body Shaper... Which works????

I think it is clear which Body Shaper works the best!

Looking at the reviews, there are tons of dissatisfied Dr Rey Shapewear customers.
For instance, here is what one person wrote:

"I thought I would really like this slimmer because it would not smash my breasts, but it was very uncomfortable because the arm room is small. I understand that it is to keep that fat from pooching out, but it only chaffed my sensitive skin under my arms. There was also some chaffing between my bra and the garment. And, it rode up in the back so I was always needing to pull it down. When I first tried it on I was delighted with how it make me look, but as the day wore on I couldn't wait to get it off."

On the oher hand, this is an incredible and glowing review of the Ardyss Body Shaper over at Body Mall.

"The original intention of the Ardyss Body Magic product was to help woman that were obese recover their shapes while they actively loss weight. This allowed them to feel and look great while they experienced correct posture, body reshaping and a reduction in size.

Another of the benefits of the body shaping garment is it makes it look like you have had a breast lift. The body shaping also reduces the waistline, rounds and lifts a women’s buttocks and prevents sagging. It additionally eliminates underarm, back fat and love handles leading to a more feminine figure."-Winnifred Smith

Last time I checked, Body Mall still had the Ardyss Body Shaper available. However, being that this item is a hot seller you may want to click here and check now to see if they are still in stock...if not, you will have to wait.. and waiting sucks.

You also want to check and see if Body Mall is offering any specials or discounts on this Ardyss Body Shaper so you can get the best body shaper at the lowest price possible. Click here to check now.

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